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Good website hosting requires a fast server on an wide service pipe. Just about all website hosting companies run crowded servers on busy pipes.

If you ever wonder why a site is slow to load it is often because of this effect. We are an independent Wordpress site host as well as an IG (Invisible Gold) site host. We are premiere IG site hosts regularly speaking with them about our client's needs. Our Wordpress installations are hardened against redirect code.

Serviced out of an independent regional provider in New England our servers run fast and are regularly maintained for efficient performance. This means you site loads as quickly as possible thus getting your message out to your potential customers even during the busy part of the surfing day.

We can provide you with FTP account login via FTP client program or via an FTP web interface. Contact us about how we can set you up with a hosted site that runs an edit interface that we can support you with for the long term. We are competent, responsible and committed to providing you with good hosting, support and a regular billing procedure.

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